Internet Policy

Table of Contents:

1.  Acceptable Use Policy
2.  Information Disclaimer
3.  Responsibilities of Users (including minors)
4.  Responsibilities of LMN


Library Management Network, Inc. (LMN) provides access to a variety of electronic resources that bring a world full of information to our members in a convenient and cost-effective manner.  These resources include access to our locally mounted database and inter-networked databases via the World Wide Web.  The Internet is a worldwide computer network that provides easy access to a massive body of information.  In providing community access to resources via the Internet, LMN enhances the existing collection in size and depth and provides the opportunity for any citizen to utilize the resources using the Internet.  LMN is committed to serving its member libraries as an information resource to support the formal and informal learning requirements. LMN recognizes that electronic information is an advanced method of receiving information and is best addressed by adherence to the following specifications. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the best use of and access to the World Wide Web via the Internet for the greatest number of users.  In order to encourage the responsible use of these resources by our members, LMN has established the following guidelines. This policy is subject to change as the service and our experience changes and grows.

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Information Disclaimer

Any global entity with such a highly diverse population with different points of view and wide content has the potential to contain information, ideas, and commentaries that may not always be accurate, complete, current, reliable, or appropriate.  The Internet contains a variety of information to world wide websites, chat rooms, electronic mail, and other forms of direct electronic communications that are educational, informational, and recreational in purpose; as well as, world wide websites, chat rooms, etc. with unauthorized, inaccurate, unreliable, illegal, or unethical information.  Congress and the courts have recognized that there is no single organization to govern, to control, or to select information for the Internet.  Because of this freedom of information, the breadth of resources found using the Internet can be unstructured and unregulated; therefore, LMN cannot control the content of resources available on the World Wide Web.  Users are to utilize the Internet at their own risk.  Use of the Internet carries the responsibility that the user must evaluate the quality of the information accessed. 

The availability of information accessed via the Internet does not constitute endorsement by LMN.  LMN does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through using the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.  Some destinations and websites contain material that users may find personally offensive or inappropriate for children. 

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Responsibilities of Users (including minors)

 Access, use, or dissemination of information via the Internet is the responsibility of the user.   Users are not to use electronic resources to engage in activities that violate federal or state laws.  Examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • unauthorized or illegal copying of copyright-protected material which is a violation of US Code, Title 17;
  • violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986;
  • violation of US Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 110 by using electronic system to display explicit sexual material.;
  • violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 which prohibit “hacking” and similar activities.
  • destruction of, damage to, or unauthorized modification of equipment, software, or data;
  • violation or attempted violation of computer system security;
  • unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes, or network identification numbers;
  • engaging in activity that wastes technology resources including bandwidth, file space, and printers;
  • violation of software license agreements;  
  • libeling or slandering;

In the case of minors, it is a joint responsibility of the child and the parent or guardian.   The Internet is no different than TV, movies, books, and magazines where the parent or guardian sets the standards and values.  Therefore, the responsibility for what children read or view using the Internet rests with parents or guardians.   Parents/guardians should provide constant care and supervision of what their children access using the World Wide Web via the Internet; therefore, LMN is not responsible for the safety and security of minors. 

LMN provides e-mail service for members to send and receive personal messages via the Internet.  Users are advised that the privacy of e-mail communications is not guaranteed.  Users should avoid posting personal information to websites or any unknown destination.

Misuse of electronic resources, including Internet access, shall result in the loss of computer privileges and possible prosecution.

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Responsibilities of LMN

LMN is responsible for information pertaining directly to the network and its library automation services.   LMN’s homepage is designed to offer easy and convenient access to valuable local and regional sources of information.  LMN does not control the availability of external connections or links to information residing on other computer systems or member libraries computer workstations.

LMN uses the content filtering service provided by the Alabama Supercomputer to block inadvertent access to inappropriate web sites.  It is the independent decision of the member libraries whether to offer filtered and/or unfiltered access to questionable content as defined by the member library and their governing board. 

LMN takes precautions to protect the central site system and equipment from viruses.  However, member libraries and users should be aware of the potential for transmission of computer viruses. LMN encourages members and users to install and daily maintain anti-virus software on all computer workstations.   LMN is not responsible for any computer viruses transmitted to members' computer workstations. 

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  Created:  May 14, 2001
Revised:  June 13, 2001; May 7, 2008; May 7, 2008
Approved:  June 25, 2002; July 11, 2002; July 8, 2008