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Being a member of LMN includes all of these services:

~ Web catalog of 582,000 items available 24x7

View book jack with cover images! Includes book reviews, annotations, table of contents, summaries and more!

 ~ Federated searching of database and journals
     Includes Federated searching of 75 AVL database, plus an optional 5 non-AVL databases - all in a single search!
 ~ Access to over 54,000 full-text electronic books (ebooks)
     Access eBooks from home, school, or office for last-minute reports, recipes, or even read a first chapter!
 ~ Professional development
     Staff develop learning skill, camaraderie, and professional interaction with other member libraries and staff
 ~ Cost savings
     Consortium discounts are available from various vendors
 ~ Interlibrary Loan service
     Online Interlibrary loan provides quick processing by automatically emailing requests to member libraries, improving direct service and increasing the range of materials available to patrons.
 ~ Patron services
     After signup, patrons can check their library account from home or work access fines, checkout history, and more!
 ~ OCLC Cataloging services
     Access to OCLC cataloging as a consortium member provides access to millions of records eliminating time-consuming creation of bib records at reduced consortia pricing.
 ~ Supportive central site staff
     Provides troubleshooting
Maintains parameters and circulation options
Provide quality control on databases
Maintains overall operations
Conducts workshops and training opportunites

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